Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nordic ski waxing bench construction

Nordic ski waxing bench
Quick link after modification
Mission accomplished.  I was able to make a waxing table for nordic skis yesterday utilizing instructions from a website on the internet.

The project wasn't without a few minor challenges.  One of my first discoveries was that the quick link, pictured left, had too large a circumference to fit into the ski binding (where the boot secures on to the ski).  I used a grinding wheel to narrow the quick link.  I have since discovered that a 1/8" quick link works without any additional modification needed.

Old bike inner tubes covering 2X6
Next I discovered my jigsaw blade was dull.  I needed the jig saw to cut the 2X6 according to the contour (camber) of the ski.  A trip to the hardware store was needed for the new blade.

Then, the old bike inner tubes that I was hoping to use to cover the 2X6 were too narrow.  The inner tubes make the bench more adherent for the ski being waxed.  A trip to the bike shop solved this problem.

Underside view
Finally, I needed a bolt to loop though the turnbuckle on the lower side of the bench.  I discovered with my improvised pattern that the head of the bolt interfered when I wanted to tighten up the turnbuckle.  I used the grinding wheel to remove the bolt's head.

Like so many projects, things look like they should go smoothly and quickly, and then reality hits.  I'm pleased my persistence was equal to the many little hiccups realized with this project.  Now I'm ready to wax my skis ... and go into business making waxing benches!  Interested in a bench, please let me know.

If you get the right sized turnbuckle, the added block of wood isn't necessary to tighten the ski to your bench.

Bench on platform of 1/2" plywood (16" width x 8' length)


I added a 1/2" plywood platform to the bottom of the bench to catch wax shavings.  On the long edge of the plywood I adheared light weight metal edging (via small 1/2 wood screws). This edging is most commonly used for hanging ceiling tiles. 

Since the wax is scraped from tips to tail, it is best to have a longer overhang on the backend of the platform.

Tail end of platform

Underside of platform

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  1. Great minds must think alike. I'm building myself and my Dad ski waxing benches for Christmas. Mine are using a slightly different style: http://www.cccski.com/main.asp?cmd=doc&ID=935&lan=0

    I was talking to my Dad the other night and he said, "Ya know, Dan was telling me about the great waxing bench he just made, and I got to thinking how I've gone all these years without one, and maybe it's time to make one."

    I convinced him to wait a few weeks.