Monday, April 13, 2015

Food Bank Haiku

Racks all loaded full
Quietly eager to feed
Once volunteers come

Massive totes of food
Donated and unsorted
Waiting patiently

Carrots from the dirt
Arrive massed together by the pallet
Waiting for red mesh

Cones of cereal
Towering in the warehouse
Waiting to be bagged

Could there be a prize
in one of those massive bags
volunteers wonder…

Volunteers storm in
Often times by busload
 All eager to help

After they are all signed in
Sitting in their chairs

Many hands at work
Packaging food for those in need
Gladly with smiles

Then time for clean-up
Tables washed floors swept all clean
Then time for wrap-up.

Then hands all washed up
Preparing to repack
After instructions

What accomplishment.
So many tons of food packed
All for those in need.

Quickly they all go
Yet, another miracle
At Second Harvest.

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