Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sidewalks: what a beautiful addition to a city

As someone who walks to work and loves to run and bike, I've come to greatly appreciate sidewalks.  Now, as we are working to become less car centric, the city of Edina, adjacent to the city of Minneapolis, is making plans to add sidewalks.  Not too surprisingly older residents are upset by this proposed change, "Longtime Edina residents 'up in arms' over plan to build more sidewalks." I know that in the past having written in the local newspaper in support of sidewalks in the city of Golden Valley there was a similar negative response by some long time residents.

People may have chosen to live in Edina to have a more secluded life in the suburbs.  However as the Twin Cities have grown dramatically in size they're no longer living in the outer fringes.   I hope that these oppositional citizens soften to this proposed change and get in step with plans to make their city more pedestrian friendly.

An earlier blog of mine, Sidewalks help to build community, also discusses this topic.

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