Friday, February 7, 2014

Recognizing and responding to hungry children in our midst

A tutor and mentor at a Huston-area school discovered there were students who were only getting small  cold cheese sandwiches because their parents couldn't afford lunch trays.  So he decided to donate $465 to pay for the delinquent meal accounts, so that these students could have a full lunch.

Having worked in the mentoring field I recall countless mentors sharing how amazed they were at the often desperate life circumstances of the children they mentored; be it poor quality education, dangerous neighborhoods, inadequate nutrition, or simply a lack of adult supervision.

In a society where neighborhoods have become increasingly economically segregated, many good intentioned people simply have no concept of how challenging the living environments are for people living on 'the other side of the tracks'.

Thank God for this generous volunteer who noticed and responded to the needs of disadvantaged children.

You can read the full story online, Houston school volunteer notices kids' meager lunches, pays $465 to cover delinquent accounts.

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