Friday, November 29, 2013

Retail Turkey of the Year award

Once again I'm giving the Retail Turkey of the Year award to Gander Mtn. Firearms Super Center.  They standout from all the other stores for a couple of reasons...

First, on Thanksgiving Day they were headlining a special for a semi-automatic assault style rifle, ammunition and semi-automatic Luger pistols. Catering to people's fears they carry such shotguns as the Winchester "Defender" and the H&R "Protector Pump Action."  And for those who want to be even more proactive with their firearms they were promoting in their Thanksgiving Day flier the Bushmaster, "Patrolman 223 Rem", proudly made in the USA, which is much like soldiers carry in war or well armed law enforcement might use.

Secondly, Gander Mtn. decided to be open from 8 am Thanksgiving Day until 2 am the following morning.  So, in addition to promoting gun sales of the sort that have caused thousands of deaths across this country, they're also family unfriendly for their employees.

Gobble, Gobble.  Gander Mtn. represents the dark belly of the USA.

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