Friday, May 24, 2013

Getting out of the comfort zone

Splitting wedge
Despite good intentions, a couple of weeks of cool rainy weather kept me off of my bike.  However with yesterday's warming temperatures and sunshine it was a great day for riding.  Yet, having become comfortable getting around in a car, it took additional effort to take my bike out and run a few errands.  When I finally was out and riding it was a great experience; enjoying the fresh air, getting exercise and getting my errands done. Glad I was able to get out of my comfort zone.
Ash firewood

Yesterday morning I got some additional exercise splitting wood.  I had a couple of large rounds of ash, that were highly resistant to splitting.  Thankfully a neighbor happened by and offered me the assistance of a splitting wedge.  It made an almost impossible job of splitting the wood to a possible one, albeit still none to easy.  I now fully appreciate why many baseball bats are made out of ash, it doesn't break/split easily.

I love it when I can get exercise and also get some things done.  No need to pay for enrollment at a gym.

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