Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Less stuff, better quality of life!

A wildly successful entrepreneur, Graham Hill, had the big house, fancy car and lots of gadgets.  However he discovered considerably more happiness after he dramatically downsized.  You can read his story in the New York Times, Living with less.  A lot less.   Among other things he now designs small, efficient homes.

Discarded stuff found during our summer park clean-up
Did you know that we've got way too much stuff here in the USA when we have a $22 billion dollar storage industry and 40 percent of our food gets thrown away? Thanks to bigger homes Americans now have three times the amount of space as they did 60 years back.

In addition to being a burden to maintain, our stuff is also a problem for our planet. One of the biggest contributors to global climate change is all of the stuff that is being produced, used and thrown away. It is about time we take a hard look at downsizing, and refusing to buy all of the latest new and improved gadgets. Not only will it reduce our carbon footprints, it will also likely enhance our happiness, as we have less stuff to worry about!

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